Thursday, April 30, 2015

Introduction to Applied Econometrics With R

I came across a January post from David Smith at Revolution Analytics, in his Revolutions blog. It's titled, An Introduction to Applied Econometrics With R, and it refers to a very useful resource that's been put together by Bruno Rodrigues of the University of Strasbourg. It's called Introduction to Programming Econometrics With R, and you can download it from here.

Bruno's material is a work in progress, but it's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for something to help economics students learn about R in an introductory statistics/econometrics course.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the link. It's definitely a useful resource and the more free software guides for econometrics there are the better! Hence, I wanted to take the chance to point to the free resources accompanying our "Applied Econometrics with R" book. The book itself is not free (published by Springer) but the first two chapters can be downloaded for free from the publisher and we have free presentation slides/scripts for the whole book plus some extras. Everything is collected online at:


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