Friday, May 20, 2011

Peace Through Statistics

The latest issue of Amstat News (the monthly newsletter of the American Statistical Association) includes this piece. It's about the amazing international effort, spearheaded by Miodrag Lovrić (Serbia), Jasmin Komić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and Ksenija Dumičić (Croatia),  that has led to the publication of the International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science.

The outreaching efforts of these three statisticians has earned them a nomination for the 2011 Nobel Prize for Peace. The outcome of this year's award will be announced on 7 October, 2011.

The Encyclopedia cotains contributions from 619 authors, repesenting 104 countries around the world. There are lots of names there that will be very familiar to econometricians. These include, among others:

T. W. Anderson, K. J. Arrow, B. Baltagi, G. E. P. Box, S. Chib, J. S. Chipman, D. R. Cox, D. A. Dickey, H. K. van Dijk, B. Efron, C. W. J. Granger, J. D. Hamilton, J. L. Heckman, S. Hylleberg, R. J. Hyndman, C. M. Jarque, P. E. Kennedy, J. Kmenta, W. Krämer, R. S. Mariano, C. R. Rao and A. Spanos.

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