Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ARDL Models - Part I

I've been promising, for far too long, to provide a post on ARDL models and bounds testing. Well, I've finally got around to it!

"ARDL" stands for "Autoregressive-Distributed Lag". Regression models of this type have been in use for decades, but in more recent times they have been shown to provide a very valuable vehicle for testing for the presence of long-run relationships between economic time-series.

I'm going to break my discussion of ARDL models into two parts. Here, I'm going to describe, very briefly, what we mean by an ARDL model. This will then provide the background for a second post that will discuss and illustrate how such models can be used to test for cointegration, and estimate long-run and short-run dynamics, even when the variables in question may include a mixture of stationary and non-stationary time-series.