Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Integrated & Cointegrated Data

Last week I had a post titled More About Spurious Regressions. Implicitly, in that post, I assumed that readers would be familiar with terms such as "integrated data", "cointegration", "differencing", and "error correction model".

It tuns out that my assumption was wrong, as was apparent from the comment/request left  on that post by one of my favourite readers (Anonymous), who wrote:
"The headlined subject of this post is of great interest to me -- a non-specialist. But this communication suffers greatly from the absence of a single real-world example of, e.g. "integrated" or "co-integrated" data, "differencing" (?), "error-correction model," etc. etc. 
I'm not trying to be querulous. It's just that not all your interested readers are specialists. And the extra intellectual effort required to provide examples would help us..."