Saturday, September 8, 2012

NBER Summer Institute 2012

Recently, I checked out the site for the NBER Summer Institute 2012 - Econometric Methods for Demand Estimation.
There, you'll find eight videos of some of the lectures presented by Ariel Pakes (Harvard) and Aviv Nevo (Northwestern). The slides that accompany the lectures are also available for downloading.
The topics covered in the vieo lectures are:
Pakes -
  • The primitives of static demand models
  • Confronting the precision problem, the information in prices, implications for use of hedonics
  • Incorporating micro data
  • Moment inequalities in demand analysis
Nevo -
  • Estimation of static discrete choice models using market level data
  • Applications and choice of IV's
  • Measurement of consumer welfare
  • Dynamic demand
I learned a lot from these lectures, and I hope that you find them interesting too!

© 2012, David E. Giles