Monday, September 12, 2011

Econometrics and One-Way Streets

It's a nice sunny day out there, so you decide to get on your bike and pedal down the street a couple of blocks to your favourite ice cream parlour. Great idea! Except that it's a one-way street and you're pedalling against the traffic. Fortunately, on this particular day, most people have already headed for the beach, there are very few cars that have to avoid you, and somehow you make it to your destination in one piece. Whew!

Now, maybe your ears are suffering from some of the abuse you received along the way - maybe not. I guess it would depend on exactly who you encountered during your little trip. In any event, you savour your well-earned ice cream and feel pretty good about yourself, and life in general. You could have travelled the longer route, around the block, to avoid the one-way street, but gee, the end result was the same, so that's all that matters. Right?