Tuesday, June 11, 2019

More Tributes to Clive Granger

As a follow-up to my recent post, "Clive Granger Special Issue", I received an email from Eyüp Çetin (Editor of the European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics).

Eyüp kindly pointed out that "......... actually, we published the first special issue dedicated to his memory exactly on 27 May 2010, the first anniversary of his passing at https://www.ejpam.com/index.php/ejpam/issue/view/11 

We think this was the first special issue dedicated to his memory in the world. The Table of Contents may be found here https://www.ejpam.com/index.php/ejpam/issue/view/11/showToc .

Another remarkable point that we also published some personal and institutional tributes and some memorial stories for Sir Granger that never appeared elsewhere before at 

Some institutions such as Royal Statistical Society, Japan Statistical Society and University of Canterbury have sent their tributes to this special volume." 

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