Friday, May 2, 2014

The May Reading List

  • Bjerkholt, O., 2013. Promoting econometrics through Econometrica 1933-39. Memorandum 28/2013, Department of Economics, University of Oslo.
  • Gulesserian, S. G. and M. Kejriwal, 2014. On the power of bootstrap tests for stationarity: A Monte Carlo comparison. Empirical Economics, 46, 973-998.
  • Lin, X. et al. (eds.), 2014. Past, Present, and Future of Statistical Science. Chapman and Hall/CRC Press.
  • Medel, C. A., 2014. The typical spectral shape of an economic variable: A visual guide. Applied Economics Letters, in press.

In Past, Present, and Future of Statistical Science, I especially recommend:
  1. Chapter 8: Bruce G. Lindsay, Developing a passion for statistics.
  2. Chapter 19: Mary E. Thompson, Reflections on women in statistics in Canada.
  3. Chapter 22: Donald A. S. Fraser, Why does statistics have two theories?
  4. Chapter 27: T. W. Anderson, Serial correlation and the Durbin-Watson bounds.
  5. Chapter 44: Larry A. Wasserman, Rise of the machines.
  6. Chapter 52: Bradley Efron, Thirteen rules.

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