Sunday, January 13, 2013

Statisticians in History

Today is the birth date of Gertrude M. Cox (1900 - 1978).

The American Statistical Association has a web site titled, "Statisticians in History". The section of that site that I especially like is the one that provides biographical information about a number of influential statisticians.

Students of econometrics will find a wealth of interesting material in many of these bios. It`s always fun to "put a face to the name", and in a sense, this is one way to do it. So, yes, Gertrude Cox was born on 13 January 1900. She was the first Chair of the Department of Experimental Statistics at N.C. State. Read her bio., and you'll see for yourself what a pioneer she was.

Other entries that I especially recommend are those for Herman Hollerith, Jerzy Neyman, and John Tukey.

My personal favourite (for reasons that will be clear from earlier posts - here and here) is the interview with Arnold Zellner.


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