Friday, May 6, 2016

May Reading List

Here's my reading list for May:
  • Hayakawa, K., 2016. Unit root tests for short panels with serially correlated errors. Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, in press.
  • Hendry, D. F. and G. E. Mizon, 2016. Improving the teaching of econometrics. Discussion Paper 785, Department of Economics, University of Oxford.
  • Hoeting, J. A., D. Madigan, A. E. Raftery, and C. T. Volinsky, 1999. Bayesian model averaging: A tutorial (with comments and rejoinder). Statistical Science, 14, 382-417. 
  • Liu, J., D. J. Nordman, and W. Q. Meeker, 2016. The number of MCMC draws needed to compute Bayeian credible bounds. American Statistician, in press.
  • Lu, X., L. Su, and H. White, 2016. Granger causality and structural causality in cross-section and panel data. Working Paper No, 04-2016, School of Economics, Singapore Management University.
  • Nguimkeu, P., 2016.  An improved selection test between autoregressive and moving average disturbances in regression models. Journal of Time Series Econometrics, 8, 41-54.

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