Monday, August 5, 2013

Great Data Charts Using WebGL

I had an email today from Matt Hergott, who wrote:
"I notice you place an emphasis on charts and graphs. Many analyses could be helped by your suggestion that software offer charts of the data before running a regression. Along these lines, you might want to look at my new website: .
It contains four interactive three-dimensional scenes pertaining to econometrics and finance. The first graph is a simulation that makes it easy to spot outliers in a regression with two explanatory variables. The 3-D interactivity is important because people generally need different perspectives to see where the residuals are located.
I programmed these charts in JavaScript and WebGL. Now that Microsoft has decided to include WebGL in the upcoming Internet Explorer 11, it means that all major desktop browsers will support WebGL in the near future. This could open up a new frontier in the communication of quantitative concepts and results."
Matt's charts are really impressive. I must confess I really didn't know anything about WebGL (my loss) until he brought it to my attention.

It looks as if there are exciting times ahead!

© 2013, David E. Giles