Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Reading List

While I'm at the lake, fishing, this is your big chance to get on with some reading.

There won't be a quiz, but I know that you'll thank me for this later on:
  • Aberdie, A., S. Athey, G. W. Imbens, and J. Wooldridge, 2014. Finite population standard errors. Mimeo.
  • Boero, G., J. Smith, and K. F. Wallis, 2014. The measurement and characteristics of professional forecasters' uncertainty. Journal of Applied Econometrics, in press.
  • Liu, C-A., 2014. Distribution theory of the least squares averaging estimator. Journal of Econometrics, in press.
  • Manzan, S., 2014. Forecasting the distribution of economic variables in a data-rich environment. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, in press.
  • Sanderson, E. and F. Windmeijer, 2014. A weak instrument F-test in linear IV models with multiple endogenous variables. Discussion Paper 14/644, Department of Economics, University of Bristol.
  • Yang, Z., 2014. A general method for third-order bias and variance corrections on a nonlinear estimator. Journal of Econometrics, in press.

© 2014, David E. Giles