Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Reading List

  • Andrews, I. and T. B. Armstrong, 2015. Unbiased instrumental variables estimation under known first-stage sign. Cowles Foundation Discussion Paper No. 1984R, Yale University,
  • Bajari, P., D. Nekipelov, S. P. Ryan, and M. Yang. 2015. Demand estimation with machine learning and model combination. NBER Working Paper 20955.
  • Chambers, M. J., 2015. A jackknife correction to a test for cointegration rank. Econometrics, 3, 355-375.
  • Mazeu, J. H. G., E. Ruiz and H. Veiga, 2015. Model uncertainty and the forecast accuracy of ARMA models: A survey. UC3M Working Paper 15-08, Statistics and Econometrics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. 
  • Paldam, M., 2015. Meta-analysis in a nutshell: Techniques and general findings. Economics, 9, 2015-11.
  • Triacca, U., 2015. A pitfall in using the characterization of Granger non-causality in vector autoregressive models. Econometrics, 3, 233-239.

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