Monday, April 23, 2012

Natural Resources and Canadian Real Income Growth

In today's issue of The Daily, Statistics Canada has released a terrific study titled "The Role of Natural Resources in Real Income Growth". The paper's authors are John Baldwin and (former UVic. grad. student) Ryan McDonald. (H.T. to Ryan for bringing this to my attention.)

The study itself is extremely comprehensive, and provides some interesting new results about long-term economic growth in Canada. You can download the pdf version from here.

Drop-Down Menus for R

A few days ago, Andrew Barr had a great post on his blog. It was titled, "R is not just for has drop-down menus!" You can bet that this one caught my eye when it was re-posted on R-Bloggers.

Briefly, Andrew takes us through the installation and basic use of the Java Gui for R (JGR) in conjunction with the Deducer package. Andrew noted in a previous post last month that a big advantage that JGR (say "Jaguar") has over the alternative GUI interfaces for R that are around is that it genuinely cross-platform, and will work in the same way on different operating systems.

I'm definitely going to be playing with it!

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