Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Econometric Game 2015: Day 1

The Econometric Game, 2015, is underway!

Nikki Wesslius, a member of the organizing committee, has reported to me about the opening day of The Game, saying that it was a really hectic day. Apparently, all of the participants are really enthusiastic about the case study that will form the basis of the competition over the coming days.

Speakers at the opening of The Game included the CFO of Ortec (Gerrit Timmer) and Jan Pieter Balkenende (the former Dutch Prime Minister). Both of them talked about the social importance of econometrics. Among the remarks that were made was ‘Econometrics is the least known, most influential science’. 

The location for The Game this year is the historic and beautiful Zuiderkerk (Southern Church) in Amsterdam. It was here that Rembrandt van Rijn stored his painting ‘Nachtwacht’ while he was working on it. 

Econometric Game Participants at the Zuiderkerk
The case study that forms the basis for The Game this year is titled "Longevity and Longevity Risk". Today, the thirty competing teams received only the articles and the data for the competition. Tomorrow morning they'll receive the exact case questions from the "case makers" for The Game, Bas Werker and Ramon van den Ekker (both of Tilburg University). 

We'll all be following their progress with great interest!

© 2015, David E. Giles