Sunday, May 19, 2013

Camp(s) Econometrics

The New York Camp Econometrics VIII was held in Bolton Landing, NY, last month. I recall Badi Baltagi (one of the Camp Econometrics organisers) telling me about this great annual event a few years ago. The Texas Econometrics 2013 was held in Lost Pines back in February. This was the 18th Camp for the group in Texas.

I also seem to recall that there used to be another regular Camp Econometrics in Southern California some years ago. If my neurons are still firing in the right order, I believe that Denis Aigner was one of the leaders of that venture. 

Back to the NY Camp:
"This event is a gathering of econometricians and empirical economists whose successful goal is to: (1) Bring together a group of econometricians/empirical economists and guests of host universities to discuss issues in econometrics, both applied and theoretical; (2) Present papers for comments by participants; (3) Stimulate student interest in econometrics; (4) Help students develop their technical presentation skills by encouraging the students of host universities to participate in the meetings and present papers."
Events like the Camp(s) Econometrics, and The Econometric Game, in the Netherlands, really are great ventures!

© 2013, David E. Giles