Thursday, October 3, 2013

Something to Tweet About

From the September issue of the International Year of Statistics Newsletter:
"The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Toronto is sponsoring a Twitter contest called “The Normal Curve”. The contest is being held in recognition of the Institute’s 20th anniversary and the International Year of Statistics. In this unique contest, the Institute poses this question to the world: “What would the world be like if the normal curve was not discovered?” To enter, tweet your answer to the question using the hashtag #WithoutTheCurve for a chance to win one of three autographed copies of Jeffrey Rosenthal’s bestselling book, Struck by Lightning. Submissions for The Normal Curve contest will be accepted beginning September 25 at 12:01a.m. EST. To be eligible for the contest, submissions must be submitted by Twitter, tagged as #WithoutTheCurve and address the contest question. The entry deadline is 11:59 p.m. EST October 15. The top entries selected by volunteers at the Fields Institute’s MathEd forum will be entered into a pool for the drawing the prizes. Winners will be randomly selected for the three prizes. Winners will be announced by the end of October. The contest is open to users internationally. Submissions not in English may be translated using Google Translate if there is no one on the judging panel who can translate the tweet."
Time to start tweeting!

© 2013, David E. Giles

The 5th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings have been held since 1951. They bring together Nobel Laureates and a group of hand-picked young researchers from around the world in Lindau, Germany.

The 4th such meeting for Economic Sciences was held in 2011, and involved 17 Economics Nobel laureates and more than 350 young economists from 65 countries.

The 5th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences will be held in August 2014:
"The 5th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences will provide an open exchange of economic expertise and inspire cross-cultural and inter-generational encounters among economists from all over the world. The world economic and financial crisis will surely be a central theme between the laureates and the young participants, but most likely the global central banking system or the challenges to the international free trade will also be main topics."
Perhaps you know someone who deserves to be nominated to participate in this Meeting?

© 2013, David E. Giles