Thursday, August 11, 2011

That Darned Debt!

What with the recent S&P downgrading of the U.S., and the turmoil in the markets, it's difficult to watch the T.V. or read a newspaper without being bombarded with the dreaded "D-word". I was even moved to pitch in myself recently by posting a piece about the issue of units of measurement when comparing debt (a stock) with GDP (a flow).

Yesterday, Lisa Evans had nice post titled 20 Outlandish and Informative Ways to Illustrate the U.S. National Debt. I think you'd enjoy it!

Lisa runs a site called Masters in Economics. It's devoted to assisting students who are thinking of undertaking a Masters degree in Economics as a stepping stone into a career in Economics. Programs at this level are more widely available than you might have thought.

I'm hoping that Lisa will be able to expand her database to include the many programs at this level in Canadian schools.

Meantime, keep an eye on her site and watch for her future posts.

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