Monday, April 29, 2013

More on the Quality of Economic Data

Yesterday I posted two pieces relating to the quality of economic data, in general terms, and with reference to China.

I'm firmly of the view that we need to be paying more attention to data quality than we currently do as economists. We also need to keep in mind that data are frequently revised, and this has implications for policy conclusions based on preliminary figures.

To help you with your reading on this topic, here's a small selection of papers that touch on different aspects of this topic:

Now That the Semester is Over....

Another teaching term is done, and the exams are all graded!

HT to my colleague, Emma Hutchinson, for this timely item:

Bias Reduction Paper Published

Another of our papers on bias reduction for Maximum Likelihood estimators has now been published. This one is titled, "On the Bias of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator for the Two-Parameter Lomax Distribution", and is co-authored with Ryan Godwin and Helen Feng. It's in Vol. 42 (11) of Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, and is available here.

This paper stems from an ongoing research program with Helen, Ryan, and others. Other posts relating to this program can be found here and here. There's more of this on the way!

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