Friday, November 11, 2011

Close Encounters of the Math Kind

Alert readers of this blog may have noticed (front page) that I have an Erdös Number of 4. That's to say, I've published (several) papers co-authored with someone, who co-authored a paper with someone, who co-authored a paper with the mathematician Paul Erdös.

Specifically, my own network links to Erdös go like this:

O.K., I'm happy enough about this particular "degrees of separation" number. But the tool that gives us this number can also be used to reveal more "sinister" connections, such as your Berezovsky Number. Mine happens to be 5:

Whew! At least I'm (a little) further removed from Boris Berzovsky than I am from Paul Erdös.

If you're co-authoring with me, be careful what you wish for!

© 2011, David E. Giles

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