Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Resolutions

Well, here we go again! It's time of year that we make all of those resolutions - the ones that usually get broken before the holiday decorations have been packed away. Not this year, though!

In 2012, and in no particular order, I firmly resolve to:
  • Increase my use of the R statistical environment in my research and teaching, and foster "Reconometrics".
  • Become more familiar with the gretl package.
  • Keep fighting against "Cookbook Econometrics".
  • Try and be more tolerant of certain empirical economists who "re-discover" econometric results that are forty years old, without realizing it! Keep promoting an awareness of the history of econometrics.
  • Attend all of the statistics seminars organized by our Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics. (No excuses!)
  • Be better at keeping in touch with former grad. students.

    Happy New Year!

    © 2012, David E. Giles


    1. I didn't need to make any resolutions for 2012:

    2. andreasmoser: :-) Nice post on your site.

    3. But don't forget EViews also.

    4. Anonymous: Fear not!!!! I'll still be giving examples using EViews!