Friday, April 6, 2012

New Release of Gretl

It's great to see that there's recently been a new release of the Gretl Econometrics Package. Version 1.9.8 was released in late March. You can follow developments and news, and share you experiences with Gretl, on the associated Wiki.

One thing that's sometimes overlooked as our econometrics computing becomes easier and easier, is that ultimately it's what's "under the hood" that counts. How accurate and robust is the underlying code? The Gretl team should be commended for addressing this issue right "up front". The code seems to pass the standard tests with flying colours, as you can see from a side-bar link on their home page.

There's lots to love about Gretl, and its developers deserve a huge "Thank You!"

© 2012, David E. Giles


  1. Thanks for your kind words. I just want to add that, if anyone is interested in what's new in this release, the Changelog is here.

  2. Whoops. Something went wrong with the URL above: changelog at, sorry.