Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My "Must Read" List

I have to confess that the number of items on my list of papers that I really must read (very soon) is rather large. My excuse is the same as everyone else's - too many papers, too little time. However, here's a small selection of of some of the papers that I've added to that list recently:
© 2012, David E. Giles


  1. Some really interesting papers here. It would be great if you could keep us updated on your reading list from time to time.

    I would also be interested to see your list under the title "10 articles every current econometrics PhD should read". I emphasise current as I suspect that not all the classics need rereading as their content has made it into most curriculums. Just a suggestion. Thanks

    1. Thanks - that's a great suggestion and I'll certainly follow it up.

  2. Prof. Giles,

    I'd a appreciate it if you could come up with a reading list for someone like me who took an introduction to econometrics class 20 years ago and wants to refresh the material from probability and statistics to an intermediate-level econometrics class.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion - I'd be happy to do that.


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