Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Top 100 Economics Blogs

I was happy to learn this morning that the Economics Degree website has just released a list of Top Economics Sites for Enlightened Economists. There are 100 blogs in total, and the preamble notes:

"Listed in no specific order, these sites are a must-see for anyone who wants to be considered a quality, “enlightened” economist. Sites were selected based on a variety of factors including readership size, update frequency, information quality, and other awards received. "
I was even more pleased to see that this blog made the list (see number 71 & remember they're in particular order!), with the following, very kind, description:
"This is a high-quality blog with a strong econometrics focus. The posts are jam-packed with information and ideas, and are clearly intended for readers with a background in statistics or econometrics."
(Blush. Blush.)

There are some great sites for students and professionals alike on this Top 100 list.

Nice job!

© 2012, David E. Giles

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