Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Former Students

It's always great to see our former grad. students making great progress with their chosen careers. Singling out individuals for special mention may be a little risky. But what the heck!!!

I was delighted to see that Ryan MacDonald has another paper published by his employer, Statistics Canada. This one, hot off the press this morning, is titled "Firm Dynamics: The Death of New Canadian Firms: A Survival Analysis of the 2002 Cohort of Entrants to the Business Sector". Here's a short description:

"This paper examines the survival characteristics of firms, using microdata from the Longitudinal Employment Analysis Program (LEAP) of Statistics Canada. Entry rates and survival functions for the 2002 cohort are analyzed. The business sector is disaggregated along industry and size dimensions. The results indicate that groups with higher entry rates have lower survival probabilities. There is a statistically significant difference in the survival curves for most units from the remainder of the population; however, the magnitude of the difference is small."
 Nice paper, Ryan!

Also, in our brown bag seminar series, today's speaker is Carla Nelson, who has holds a challenging position with the British Columbia Ministry of Finance here in Victoria. Carla's talk is titled, ""Economic Forecasting and Analysis at the BC Ministry of Finance", and the background paper that she's supplied is here. Having been involved in similar work in an earlier life, I'm going to be particularly interested in what Carla has to say.

It's great for both faculty and current grad. students to have the opportunity to hear first-hand about the terrific contributions that our former students are making out there.

Thanks for agreeing to present the seminar, Carla!

© 2012, David E. Giles

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