Saturday, December 1, 2012

Assistant Prof. Position at UVic

Not my usual sort of post, I know, but I just wanted to get it out there that my department (Economics, at the University of Victoria, on the West coast of Canada) is looking to hire a tenure-track Assistant Professor. The details of the position are available here.
We've only just got permission to hire, so we're really scrambling to catch up with this year's job market. Anything that you can do to get the word out to likely applicants, placement officers, etc. would be a great help to us.
Any enquiries should be addressed directly to
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  1. Just spread the word around my department. Victoria is a great city for quality of life.

    1. Much appreciated! Yes, a great place to live, and a department that's friendly and really on the rise.

  2. Your email with the opening was forwarded to me by a colleague last night, so it seems like "the word" is indeed getting around!

    I still have too much time remaining of my Ph.D. degree to be applying for assistant professorships. However, out of curiosity (and for future reference), I was wondering how to interpret the following: "The Department has priority interest in the area of International Economics, or other fields that contribute to the internationalization and global reach of the University's research and teaching missions."

    As an econometrics Ph.D. in spe, it was not evident to me that someone with my background would be considered a candidate for this position. Perhaps that is simply because I have not read enough openings to know a catchall when I see one?