Wednesday, January 9, 2013

EViews 8

A Beta version of EViews 8 is available for users of version 7 of the package. You can get more information, and download the Beta version, here.

I've downloaded the 64-bit version of EViews 8, and I've started to play around with it. The advantage of the 64-bit version is that it can handle 120 million observations in a page, whereas the 32-bit version is limited to about 15 million observations. There are similar increases in the number of objects per workfile that can be handled. Of course, your machine must have a 64-bit OS, and lots of RAM to achieve these gains.

What else is new in EViews 8?

The list is long, but it includes the following:
  • Improvements to the general interface; data handling; and graphing.
  • Census X-13 for seasonal adjustment.
  • Panel principal components analysis.
  • Panel cointegration estimation.
  • Panel causality testing.
  • Heckman selection models.
  • Bayesian VARs.
  • Markov switching models.
And there's lots, lots more.

If you're an EViews user, take a look and see what interests you.

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