Tuesday, April 16, 2013

UVic Economics Honours Class

With all of the great work that our Ph.D. and M.A. students are doing, it's easy to overlook an equally important group of students in our department. Each year we have a small group of undergraduate students taking our "Honours" program, and they deserve special mention at this time of year.

This week, with classes over, and final exams underway, the students in the Honours class are making presentations of the research that they've been undertaking over the past few months. Their research projects are always interesting and well executed. Past Honours students have gone on to some of the best doctoral programs in Canada, and have acquitted themselves extremely well.

Here are the presentations given yesterday and today:

  • Derek Persson: "The effects of foreign ownership on the Canadian oil sand industry" 
  • Dania Clarke: "Earthquake risk and housing prices: An hedonic analysis of the Victoria real estate market"
  • Match Lai: "Event study analysis: Is cooperating with rivals a good idea?"
  • Jon Duan: "Does question generation help students? Evidence from a laboratory experiment at UVic"
  • Sheri Liu: "The role of experience in entrepreneurial optimism - Evidence from early-stage firms"
  • Steve MacNeil: "Investment's role in China's GDP growth"
  • Ryan Ruan: "The impact of U.S. quantitative policy on Chinese inflation"
  • Monica Mow: "The Canadian dollar as a commodity currency: Has the relationship changed?"
 Congratulations to our Honours class of 2013, and their supervisors, for a job well done!

If you're involved with graduate program recruiting, this is a group to keep an eye on!

© 2013, David E. Giles

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