Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Means Nobel Prizes

Yes, it's almost that time of year again!  The recipient(s) of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (abbreviated title) will be announced in less than two weeks' time - Monday 14 October, to be precise.

Thomson Reuters have made their predictions for the likely recipients in each field, including Economics.

I particularly like one of their three potential "winning teams":

"Sir David F. Hendry
Professor of Economics
University of Oxford
Oxford, England, UK


M. Hashem Pesaran
John Elliot Distinguished Chair in Economics & Professor of Economics, and Emeritus Professor of Economics & Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA 
and University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, UK


Peter C.B. Phillips
Sterling Professor of Economics and Professor of Statistics
Yale University
New Haven, CT, USA

For their contributions to economic time-series, including modeling, testing and forecasting."

© 2013, David E. Giles

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