Saturday, October 12, 2013

Project-Based Learning of Modern Econometrics

The U.K.  Economics Network is supported by, and housed at, the University of Bristol. It provides a wealth of resources for those teaching Economics.  These resources include material produced by various funded projects, including one by Steve Cook (Swansea University). His project (in 2010-11) was titled, "Project-Based Learning of Modern Econometrics. Here's Steve's overview:

"The enormous developments in computational power witnessed in the last two decades have not only changed the nature of econometrics in terms of academic research, but have implications also for the manner in which it can be taught and the learning experience available to students. The intention of this project is to fully harness these developments and provide a project-based econometrics module. The module will emphasise the concept of ‘learning by doing’ in terms of both its delivery and assessment to allow students to gain and demonstrate a full understanding of the tools and techniques econometrics offers via their repeated empirical application. The impact of this alternative approach to assessment and delivery (relative to the commonly adopted, standard approach) will be examined."
The outputs from this project include some very nice applied econometrics projects/exercises. together with the associated EViews files.

This is definitely worth a look.

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