Thursday, December 12, 2013

Time for Some More Reading!

With the weekend upon us once again, it's time to settle down with the papers - the econometrics research papers, that is. Here are my latest picks:
  • Cook, S., D. Watson, and L. Parker, 2014. New evidence on the importance of gender and asymmetry in the crime-unemployment relationship. Applied Economics, 46, 119-126.
  • Fan, J., F. Han, and H. Liu, 2013. Challenges of big data analysis. Mimeo.
  • Hashmi, A. R., 2014. Competition and innovation: The inverted-U relationship revisited. Review of Economics and Statistics, in press.
  • Juselius, K., N. F. Moller, and F. Tarp, 2104. The long-run impact of foreign aid in 36 African countries: Insights from multivariate time series analysis. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, in press.
  • Li, R., D. K. J. Lin, and B. Li, 2013. Statistical inference in massive data sets. Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 29, 399-409.
  • Sanderson, E. and F. Windmeijer, 2013. A weak instrument F-test in linear IV models with multiple endogenous variables. CEMMAP Working Paper CWP58/13, The Institute for Fiscal Studies.

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