Saturday, April 26, 2014

Great Resource for Teaching Statistics with R

If you're having trouble teaching statistics using R, then you'll just love the statsTeachR collaboration.

It's being launched officially at the 2014 New England Statistics Symposium today.

Here's what it's about:
"statsTeachR is an open-access, online repository of modular lesson plans, a.k.a. "modules", for teaching statistics using R at the undergraduate and graduate level. Each module focuses on teaching a specific statistical concept. The modules range from introductory lessons in statistics and statistical computing to more advanced topics in statistics and biostatistics."
And there's more than "modules. There are lab. exercises (with solutions), and "courses".

I've already registered as a statsTeachR user, and this morning I played around with the module that provides an introduction to confidence intervals. The material is just great!

Who do we thank for this?

© 2014, David E. Giles


  1. hmm ...,
    looks like the internal stuff is nothing less than great. the distribution medium is though a bit yesterday.
    but thanx a lot for the notification.

  2. I don't know much about it, but I also came across something called "SWIRL: Statistics with interactive R learning", but my first impression is that it is designed more for the individual than the lecturer. The website is here:

    1. Thanks Kailer - SWIRL is an excellent resource.

  3. What a great job! This is awesome.

  4. I looked at the slides for confidence intervals. I wasn't impressed.

  5. Actually integralizing what goes on in the black-box when learning stats is quite worth overcoming the learning curve, it's far less steep with a bit of programming experience


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