Monday, July 7, 2014

A Big "Thank You" to the NZAE

I'd like to express my heart-felt thanks to the New Zealand Association of Economists for making me a Distinguished Fellow.

The award took place last Thursday evening at the dinner for the 55th Conference of the Association, in Auckland. The award was most humbling, all the more so for coming from those who first supported me in my career.

Recipients of this award in recent years have included such ex-pats as Peter Phillips, Stephen Turnovsky, Leslie Young. John McMillan, and John Riley. All the more reason for me feeling humbled.

Thanks NZAE. I'm truly grateful for this honour. 

© 2014, David E. Giles


  1. You more than thanked us for it with a fantastic plenary, David.

    1. My pleasure - it was a terrific conference.

  2. Congratulations, Professor. I am sure you would continue to receive many such recognition/honour/awards for your formal research work.
    I am a 'life-time' student of Econometrics and in my search for answers, I stumbled upon this blog site of yours last week. Going through the archives, I am amazed at the exemplary 'informal' service that you are providing to students of econometrics in general and to the discussion/debate in the art/science of econometrics in particular. The 'total pageviews' is a definite recognition for this 'informal' service...

  3. Congrats, professor Giles!

  4. David,

    I am late in getting back to reading the blogsphere, but please let me echo Eric's comment on behalf of the Association. You were everything that we ask for in a keynote speaker--delivering a great address and also fully participating in every aspect of the conference.


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