Thursday, November 6, 2014

Update to ARDL Add-In for EViews

In a post back in January, I drew attention to an Add-In for EViews that allows you to estimate ARDL models. The Add-In was written by Yashar Tarverdi. At that time, one limitation was that the Add-In handles only two variables, X and Y.

Judging by the questions and feedback I get about ARDL models, I know you'll be delighted to know that this limitation has been eased considerably. News out of @IHSEViews on Twitter this morning announces that the Add-In will now handle up to ten variables.

Good job! And thanks!

© 2014, David E. Giles


  1. Hello Prof. David , I am happy to know this nice news, also, we are grateful for you and MR.Yashar Tarverdi. I am I looked for update ARDL in website of Eviews but I did not get it. Please, could you provide me the link for update ARDL. .
    thanks alot Ptof David

    1. The version that is now at the link I already provided is a replacement of the old Add-in. If you already have the old ARDL add-in installed, just remove and download the new version in its place.


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