Monday, May 11, 2015

Teaching Causality

Arguably, Judea Pearl is the most influential "Causality Specialist" of our time. (My term, not his!)

If you don't subscribe to his blog (Causal Analysis in Theory and Practice) and newsletter already, I'd suggest that you do so.

Judea also has several very informative video interviews that should be of interest to economists and econometricians. For example:

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  1. yesterday I started reading "Causality..." and today I found this-nice!

    I have a question. Will reading the book equip me with the proper tools to illustrate casual relationships as in "Event E (eg the 2007-2008 crisis) caused variables V1, V2, ...., Vn to alter their course but not so for vars Vn+1 to Vn+m"?

    ps. I'll read the book irrespective of the answer



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