Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Replication Network

This is a "shout out" for The Replication Network.

The full name is, The Replication Network: Furthering the Practice of Replication in Economics. I was alerted to TRN some time ago by co-organiser, Bob Reed, and I'm pleased to be a member.

What's TRN about:
"This website serves as a channel of communication to (i) update scholars about the state of replications in economics, and (ii) establish a network for the sharing  of information and ideas. 
The goal is to encourage economists and their journals to publish replications."
There's News & Events; Guest Blogs; Research involving replications in economics; and lots more.

Hats off to TRN. We need more of this!

© 2016, David E. Giles

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  1. There's not enough of this around in economics, but it is encouraging to see the recent discussions and efforts on the subject. It might not be as glamorous as original research, but replication does help to lend credibility to scientific work. It is essential.


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