Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Publications of George Box

I can't imagine that there are any econometricians who have not heard of George Box - if only in the context of Box-Jenkins time-series analysis, or the Box-Cox transformation. 

To honour his memory and his many contributions to statistics, the publishers Taylor and Francis have made available a free electronic resource that gathers together much of his work, edited by David M. Steinberg.

Here's how the publishers introduce the material:

"George E. P. Box died in March 2013.  He was a remarkably creative scientist and his celebrated professional career in statistics was always at the interface of science and statistics.  George Box, J. Stuart Hunter and Cuthbert Daniel were instrumental in launching Technometrics in 1959, with Stu Hunter as the initial editor.  Many of his articles were published in the journal.  Therefore we think it is especially fitting that Technometrics should host this on-line collection with some of his most memorable and influential articles.
George Box began his career in statistics as a soldier in the British army during World War II.  Assigned to a unit working on antidotes to chemical weapons, he soon found himself immersed in designing, running and analyzing hundreds of experiments.  In short, George Box was a scientist for whom statistical concepts and methods were essential to his work.  The notion that statistics is integral to science and should be linked to scientific endeavor was a defining feature of Box's prolific career. 
George Box made lasting and significant contributions to a number of different areas, including  design of experiments, time series, Bayesian statistics, process control and quality improvement.  Box-Jenkins methods became a buzzword for anyone working in time series and the Box-Cox approach the scientific standard for assessing the value of transformations.  In addition to technical contributions, Box was deeply interested in scientific method and in what he saw as the vital role of statistics in science.
This virtual issue provides an opportunity to assemble some of George Box's most important articles and to display many of his major research partners.  The issue includes several sections, corresponding to the subject matter of the articles. 
Taylor & Francis is pleased to offer these articles as Free Access in honor of George Box until December 31st, 2014."

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